Holdover Process leading to Eviction (Filing post cards,petition and Notice of Petition

We now have served the Notice of Petition and Petition of Holdover to the Tenant and under tenants the server must have the Document notarized. The original is returned to the county clerk’s office. This document must be filed with the county clerk’s office within three business days of service and with this you must give a postcard for each Tenant listed in the petition and Notice of Petition, with postage on the cards, You must fill out the cards with the date, time, address of the court, part and room that the case is to be heard. Now you wait for the day to go to court.


Land Lord Tenant Court Cashier window

Disclaimer This is not to be constured as legal advise please consult an attorney before starting any court proceeding

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David Rivera

NYS Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker at NEUHAUS REALTY INC. Richmond ROAD , Staten Island, NY 10306 I am a Certified Short Sale Agent and e-Pro certified Equator Elite Agent.

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