Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud


With the Internet we have been able to expand our business in Real Estate, as well as our garage sales. I had an experience with an individual who tried to perpetrate a fraud upon me. I advertised a china cabinet on the internet through craigslist and got a response.

First thing that caught my attention is the email address. The one that came from craigslist was different from the one they wanted me to communicate with.

The price of the item was $800.00 US for a China Cabinet. I receive an email that they are interested and they live out of state, they will Fedex  the money for shipping and handling. With instructions to deposit the funds into my bank account and to notify them when this is done, ( My ad requested payment in the form of a U.S. Postal Money order or wire funds through western Union No other form of payment will be accepted.)


The individuals sent two checks from money gram both for $965 via FedEx with a Florida address Danielson Paul was the name. I look at the checks and read the instructions on the check , ( the person cashing these checks should know the person sending you the check and you should verify the check with money gram before cashing or depositing the check. The individual cashing the check will be held responsible for the funds.).

The checks have a pinkish stop sign printed on the check if you place you finger on this sign the color should fade and reappear once you remove your finger.

I called the money gram company and found out that the checks had been cashed back in March of 2013 and for the sum of $500.00 each. The checks were dated Aug1,2013,

The sign that supposed to fade did not fade.

The very next day I received text messages to notify them when the checks had been deposited I ask them for their address and they would not disclose this information. They keep asking if the checks had been deposited so they can give me the number of their mover. I ask them for their address no response.

They finally decide to call me Mr. Danielson number shows up on caller ID as a NYC Number

I ask who is it. He says Daniel. How can I help you? I order the china cabinet. What is your address? He hangs up and I have not heard from him since.

The scam is the following you deposit the checks into your account. They give you a number to call the movers the movers only accept cash or US postal money orders. They come down, you pay them for shipping and handling they take the merchandise. They are gone. Ten days later the bank notifies you that the checks where bogus and you need to repay the money. The merchandise is gone,the money you paid for sending it is gone and the money you deposited is gone so you’re out approximately $2,700.00 us. 

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David Rivera

NYS Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker at NEUHAUS REALTY INC. Richmond ROAD , Staten Island, NY 10306 I am a Certified Short Sale Agent and e-Pro certified Equator Elite Agent.

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