Two bedroom apartment for Rent $1400.00 Arlington, Staten Island , NY

Rental unit Two Bedrooms $1400.00 with parking.

non smoking no pets, credit check and landlord tenant court checked and verified.

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This Handicapped accessible Two Bedroom apartment in Arlington area of Staten Island , has a large living room with wall to wall carpeting and plenty of natural light coming in through the  windows ,as you go through the Foyer you can access the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, The kitchen has sufficient amount of  counter  space and cabinets. The small room is approximately 10 x 9 with wall to wall carpeting and has a closet. The master bedroom is approx. 14 x 11 and also has wall to wall carpeting and plenty of closet space plus a private entrance into the bathroom. The bathroom has wall to wall tiles and a very large mirror. This home has plenty of closet space as well as an area to install a washer and dryer. The house is cooled and heated through force air. This apartment comes with a parking space as well.

What you should know about your credit score

How is your credit?

 This is a question that many consumers do not pay much attention to until they want to purchase an expensive  item. All they know is that they have a credit card and once a month, the bill comes and they pay a portion of it. They are not aware of loan to value of a credit card.

I would suggest that you take time out to see what your credit score is. As a consumer you should also know how to read your credit report. If you find discrepancies in the report you should be aware of your right to challenge any incorrect reporting.

You must be wondering where can you get a copy of  your credit report, actually you are entitled to a free credit report from the credit reporting bureau once every twelve months as per the federal trade commission.

There are two types of credit reports one is considered a hard inquiry and the other is considered a soft inquiry.

The hard inquiry is when a company or someone other than yourself asks to see what your credit score is for the intention of lending or extending credit to you. The number of request within a given period can affect your score. This request may stay on your credit report for up two years. This is why it is very important to know who is inquiring about your credit.

The soft inquiry is when you, yourself ask for the copy of your report to review what is on it. Be aware that you have the right to ask for a credit report at any time, when  someone denies you credit at no charge to you or once every twelve months for free

Here is a video to explain how credit  works, how it is calculated and how to fix it.

Protect your children’s future

Congress is contemplating the removal of the  Mortgage interest deduction.

Join the cause to protect our future and children’s future. Remember the credit card deduction. oops!! I forgot many of You did not get the moment to enjoy that deduction. So even if you do not own a home now protect this Mortgage deduction for your future. Pass this on to as many people you can