Don’t lose yourself!

Identity theft is a crime that you may not know about until it’s too late. Some thieves will use your identity for a while and build up your credit without you being aware of it. Then when the pot is ripe they come down and milk your credit for everything it’s worth. When the bill collectors come knocking on your door. Your angry, upset, and wondering how this could have happened. This may take some time to clear  your records. While you’re trying to clean up this unfortunate nightmare that has occurred you may lose out on opportunities that are available to you. You may be set back on purchasing a home, car, boat ,student loan and  anything else you were interested in obtaining.

Most of us do not ask for annual credit reports leaving your credit worthiness up for grabs.  You sould be aware that there are people who live stealing identities. They go as far as looking into your garbage, mail, pick your pockets, through the internet, restaurants and other locations you frequent.-

You must protect yourself before it happens so when you need your credit it is there for you. Just taking a little bit of time to place alerts with the credit reporting agencies and your credit card company, putting alerts when new credit card applications are being process with the credit card agencies. I assure you credit card companies do not mind putting these alerts on your account since they are the ones at high risk of losing funds